July 15th, 2018

modern kitchen

Kitchen design is often the focus of many homeowners and home buyers. After all, a well-designed kitchen is a significant asset while you’re living in a house, as well as a big selling point when it’s time to put the home on the market. If you want to get your dream kitchen, Craig Allen Designs in Midland Park, NJ is uniquely qualified to help you do just that.Take a Virtual TourPerhaps you’re one of many people who have said to themselves, “I have the perfect kitchen design…

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June 12th, 2018

A kitchen remodel is arguably the most complicated project many people will ever take on. And a talented, experienced kitchen designer can remove the guesswork, streamline the process and make it possible for you to get the kitchen design you’ve always wanted. A kitchen designer’s expertise is focused on ensuring a kitchen works efficiently and makes the most of the room’s style, storage and function. They know about what works and what doesn’t. They’re continuously learning from their…

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June 6th, 2018

kitchen layout

Interested in incorporating a farm-style kitchen in your home, but unsure where to start? Craig Allen Designs in Midland Park, NJ stimulates your imagination with five must-have aspects of any farm-style kitchen. Sink Many would argue that the sink is the focal point of any farm-style kitchen design. The classic farmhouse sink has a deep, wide basin that’s big and hefty, large enough to hold and rinse vegetables and other produce, pluck chickens and anything else that features in a full…

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May 15th, 2018

cooking in the kitchen

Great memories (and meals) are created in the kitchen. Here are several tips for how to make the most of this invaluable space. Sink Solutions Choosing the right sink can have a big impact on how you use your kitchen. If you’d like to maximize your countertop space, consider an undermount sink. Its design facilitates a flat draining area that can be used as a second surface for placing dirty dishes or produce that needs washed. A single bowl sink is a space-saving option that can be…

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April 19th, 2018

Are you about to undertake a full kitchen remodel or are you simply looking to give your cooking space a fresh appearance? Either way, you’ll want to install new cabinets in your kitchen. Even if installing new cabinets is the only thing you do in your kitchen, it’s enough to completely transform the space. Because cabinets claim so much floor and wall space and they tend to be the most expensive item in a kitchen remodel, they’re be the focal point of your new kitchen. You…

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