September 4th, 2018

There’s no denying – every kitchen needs a sink. But unlike all the other things you must choose when planning a kitchen remodel, style should not be your number one consideration when selecting this necessity, Instead, think about a sink that will work well for the way you and your family will use it. Prep work, cooking, and clean up all involve the sink in one way or another. Having a sink that best matches your needs and lifestyle is a critical factor in having a truly functional and…

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August 30th, 2018

Open floor plan living hasn’t merely increased in popularity in recent years, it seems to be the #1 feature people look for in a remodeled kitchen. More than 600,000 photos of open floor plan spaces on prove it’s a very popular lifestyle choice. Open floor plan remodels take out walls and merge everything together into one large space. In both remodeled kitchens and in new construction, integrating meal prep, parties, etc. with the living area appeals to people because “that’s…

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August 13th, 2018

A small kitchen design takes advantage of every inch

Everything seems smaller these days. The “tiny house” has its own tv show – “Tiny House Hunters” on HGTV. There’s hundreds of boards for tiny houses on Pinterest, and has thousands of photos and hundreds of Ideabooks devoted to the subject of making the most of small kitchen design. Even if your kitchen has more space than a tiny house kitchen, but you still don’t have the square footage you would like for your kitchen remodel project, fear not. Just because your space is…

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July 18th, 2018

having the right contractor critical for success

As you start thinking about remodeling your kitchen,  consider this: selecting a contractor is as important as choosing your kitchen designer. Think about it. The kitchen designer is a visionary – he or she “sees” what your new kitchen is going to look like, and that’s why you chose him or her. He listened carefully to your ideas, he looked at the pictures your brought to your meeting, he looked at your Ideabooks on, he added some practical suggestions to make your new…

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July 15th, 2018

modern kitchen

Kitchen design is the focus for many homeowners and home buyers. After all, a well-designed kitchen is a significant asset. While you’re living in your house, as well as when you’re ready to sell, you want a great kitchen. To get your dream kitchen, Craig Allen Designs in Midland Park, NJ is uniquely qualified to help you do just that. Take a Virtual Tour of Your Dream Kitchen Perhaps you’re one of many people who have said to themselves, “I have the perfect kitchen design.” When you…

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