November 15th, 2019

Do you have plans to remodel an existing kitchen? If so, lighting is something you should consider as carefully as the other items that go into making up a new kitchen, such as your appliances, cabinets, flooring type, and color scheme.    Just as a healthy meal must be balanced, so does your remodeled kitchen require the right balance of lighting to accomplish the work you do in that space, from meal prep and cooking to homework and list-making.    Three different types…

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October 28th, 2019

As the kitchen designer at Craig Allen Designs, the kitchen style I get asked for most often is “Shaker”. Homeowners see it in magazines, on design-themed websites and tv shows — pretty much everywhere — and they like what they see and want Shaker for their own remodeled kitchens. And I’m happy to help them get what they want.But what is “Shaker” exactly?One thing I know for sure is that “Shaker” as a design style is so popular that, more than 150 years after the Shakers…

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October 15th, 2019

white cabinets

While trends in kitchen cabinets come and go, the need for cabinets remains. Because kitchen cabinets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you want to stay informed about what’s trending in cabinet finishes if you’re considering a kitchen remodel.  You wouldn’t want your new kitchen to become dated prematurely. “All In” On WhiteIf you adopted social media early on, you surely know that all-white kitchens have been a “thing” for many years. Even today, white cabinetry…

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September 25th, 2019

The range of available countertop materials today is greater and more diverse than ever and includes stone, wood, paper, glass, quartz, concrete, metal, solid surface and laminates. How to decide?When interviewed, Craig Teitsma of Craig Allen Designs said: “In my years as a kitchen designer, quartz is by far the most popular countertop material I’ve had homeowners ask for. It’s also the one I mention when clients ask me for my recommendation.”Quartz (or engineered stone) has…

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September 15th, 2019

updated kitchen

Swapping out cabinet and drawer hardware can make an immediate impact in a room. From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, door and drawer hardware pulls together a room’s overall design and adds the crowning touch to a newly remodeled kitchen.    The details in a new kitchen, such as cabinet hardware, make a huge difference in achieving a certain look or style. To understand the impact that hardware can have, it’s helpful to look at it as an accessory, like a piece of…

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