16 “Must-haves” for Your New Kitchen

I’ve been designing new kitchens for many years now, and in that time, I’ve discovered some products that can only be described as “must-haves.” They will make your new kitchen operate smoothly, keep you organized and increase your storage space.  And they are all-around cool!

#1. The Toe Kick Vacuum

If your home already has a central vacuum system, you’ll use the version shown at right.  If you don’t have central vac, you’ll want to install the Sweepovac shown left. 

The Sweep-O-Vac is convenient for a new or remodeled kitchen

#2. Docking Drawer

Just imagine – when you install the docking drawer — no more charging devices and wires cluttering up your countertops. Instead you can charge them inside the drawer — out of sight! As a plus, with certain cabinet lines, you can upgrade to Walnut drawer boxes.

docking drawer charges phones out of sight

#3. Walnut Interior Accessories

And speaking of Walnut drawer boxes, the option to have Walnut interior accessories doesn’t end with drawers. It’s possible to get Walnut pull-out and roll-out shelves, spice racks, utensil drawer dividers, knife inserts and more. Walnut has so much character – here’s no such thing as too much Walnut.

A new kitchen cannot have too much walnut

#4. Magic Corner

I love Lazy Susans, but in a corner where a Susan won’t work, the Magic Corner pull-outs are amazing.

The Magic Corner works in blind corners when a lazy susan can't

#5. Double Stack Silverware Drawer

Double your utensil storage! Open the drawer and push back the top section to access what’s below. The top section operates on full extension guides, so nothing gets lost at the back of the drawer. And it automatically slides front when you close the drawer.

A double stack silverware drawer insert will double your available storage

#6. Pull-out Table

For kitchens with limited countertop space, how about a pull-out table to provide extra work space? When not in use, it looks just like all the other drawers in your kitchen.

A pull-out table adds extra work and seating space in your new kitchen

#7. Plastic Storage Container Organizer

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. If you get tired of searching for the lid you need through the many lids you don’t need, this plastic storage container organizer is a definite must-have.

Storage container organizer keeps lids and containers organized

#8. Knife/Utensil Pull-Out

Place this Knife/Utensil Pull-Out next to your range center to keep your knives and utensils organized and super handy. The knives get inserted into a special material designed to protect their sharpness and keep them upright.

Knife and utensil pull out keeps knives sharp and organized

#9. Pull-Out with OXO Containers

Are you a baker, or want a better way to store your cereal or pet food? You may want to think about this pullout with OXO containers.

Your new kitchen needs this pull-out with OXO containers

#10. Pull-Out with Upright Tray Storage

Wouldn’t you love to keep your cookie sheets and cutting boards organized? This wonderfully handy tray organizer holds cake pans and muffin tins, serving platters foil, plastic wrap and foil – how many things can you think would work here?

Store baking sheets upright to increase storage space
#11. Base Cabinet Swing-Outs

These swing-outs can hold an astonishing amount of food, spices or anything that needs to be stored in an easy-to-access manner. They are also available for tall cabinets, which is amazing for pantry storage.

Base cabinet swing-outs create tons of storage in a new kitchen
#12. Under-sink Mats

I don’t know about your sink base, but we seem to always have dish soap or cleaners spill under there. And we don’t find out about it till days later. Here is an undersink polystyrene mat with a dimpled surface that can hold up to 1.5” gallons liquid.

An under-sink mat cna capture a lot of spilled liquid

#13. Over the Refrigerator Cabinet Swing-Out

How do you get to the things in the back of your refrigerator cabinets? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even use this space because it’s difficult to access. How about this swing out? No wasted space here!

Designer’s Insider Tip: To make your over-fridge cabinet more useful, I place tray dividers in half of the cabinet. 

Use the storage space over your refrigerator with this handy swing out

#14. Dish Drawer Storage

I love storing my plates in a deep drawer. The drawer bottom is pegboard, and the movable pegs keep the plates from sliding around when opening and closing the drawer.

Store your dishes in this deep drawer in your new kitchen

#15. Mixer Lift

If you’re tired of looking at your stand mixer, or even worse, wrestling it out of your pantry or base cabinet, this handy-dandy mixer lift up will bring the mixer to you. All you have to do is slide the mixer onto the countertop.

The mixer lift brings your stand mixer to you

#16. Hands-free Opening for Trash Pull-Out

How often do you need to open your trash pull-out when your hands are full of something nasty to throw away? Fairly often, if you’re like most people. There’s a helpful mechanism available that makes hands-free opening possible. Just give it a push with your knee and voila! it’s open. It’s is available in mechanical and electrical versions.

Your new kitchen needs a hands-free trash pull-out


There you have it – a few of my favorite things for improving kitchen efficiency. See anything you want for your new kitchen? Contact me today and let’s get started.