Using Custom Cabinets Throughout Your Home

Craig Allen Designs has established a reputation for creating beautiful and functional designs using custom cabinets.  Homeowners seek out our design services when they’re remodeling their kitchen or bath. 

Did you to know we can create custom cabinets for any room in your home, allowing you to express your style anywhere?

We’ll help you explore the many design options found in your home’s rooms beyond the kitchen.  From the living room to the bedroom or the mudroom, and anywhere in between, custom cabinets can fit in. 

Use Custom Cabinets in the Living Room

Living rooms are made for living! Make yours the envy of friends and family with a custom cabinet design from Craig Allen that adds flair and functionality.

Use custom cabinets to create a beautiful bookcase

Possibilities using custom cabinets:

  • Fireplace mantels and surrounds
  • A comfortable zone for reading with shelves or built-in bookcases
  • An entertainment center to keep clutter under control 


Custom cabinets create a beautiful fireplace surround

The only limitation is your imagination.

Use Custom Cabinets to Create a Home Bar

A bar created using custom cabinets that fits your space precisely can add to your guests’ enjoyment when entertaining. Or it can help you appreciate quiet evening at home.


When you get a custom designed bar, it can be anything you want.

  • Do you need to store 10, 20 or even 30 bottles of wine at a time? Custom cabinets will match your request.
  • You can display barware or hang wine glasses.
  • Hide bottles in cabinets or display them prominently is up to you.
  • Under cabinet refrigerator units can come in handy.
  • And a small utility sink is always an option.

Custom Cabinets Make Functional Home Offices

Personalize your home office with custom cabinets

If you work from home, you can take care of business your way with an office designed using custom cabinets.

Our design services will create an office that’s conducive to getting your work done. We use home office cabinet solutions to customize any space to fit your office equipment and design style.

We can create filing cabinets that look good and work hard. All of your important paperwork is at your fingertips.

If you purchase supplies in bulk, you can store them in custom cabinets rather than leaving them on the floor.

We can even build a desk to meet your needs. It can be a stand-alone desk or a built-in desk within a run of cabinets. Or we can create cabinets and bookcases to complement a desk you already own.

Function and convenience can be designed into your office using custom cabinets. Features such as easy-access rollout trays personalize your space. They keep everything organized and accessible. Here we designed the cabinet to fit an office printer and its supplies, so they can be stored out of sight but always available.

And don’t forget to request a charging station to ensure all your electronics are fully charged and ready-to-go when you are. Today’s built-in options include chargers installed in a drawer, keeping wires and charging devices out of sight.


Expand Bedroom Storage Using Custom Cabinets

If there is anywhere that storage is at a premium, it’s in the bedroom. Storage is usually a problem in townhomes, condominiums and houses that don’t have a garage or basement. Adding custom cabinets in a bedroom is a
great way to add storage space while creating a whole new look.

Clothes, extra linens and seasonal comforters are just a few of the things you may want to stow in cabinets in a bedroom. And for families with children, there’s never enough storage for their toys.

Solve that storage problem with cabinets designed to accommodate whatever they have. This little girl’s bedroom was designed around an existing window. We used built-in open shelves for toy storage and a functional and
cozy bench seat for reading and day-dreaming. Notice how the shelves are flush with the wall; this feature definitely
says “custom”.

Add storage in a bedroom using custom cabinets

Laundry Rooms Need Custom Cabinet Storage

Cabinets are a definite must-have in laundry rooms. There’s no reason your laundry room shouldn’t be as
good looking as the rest of your home. Craig Allen Designs will create a functional laundry room with plenty of storage and built-in cabinets to keep your laundry supplies in one place and add value to your home.

You can choose wall cabinets, possibly with lift-up doors. Then you can add a floor-to-ceiling tall cabinet to store brooms, mops, an ironing board and other cleaning items. 

It’s also possible to hide a hamper or two in cabinets by installing roll-out hampers that slide into your cabinet. Or you can have a pull-out drawer custom built to take care of any storage requirement.

Laundry room cabinets can keep bottles of soap, fabric softener, household cleaners and other supplies out of
sight and, most importantly, out of the reach of children.

Create Useful Mud Rooms Using Custom Cabinets

custom cabinets make a great functional mudroomAttractive cabinets are an especially appealing option if your laundry room is part of a mudroom that is the entrance to your home. Even if entry to your home isn’t through the laundry room, a mud room is a great way to corrall coats, boots, sports equipment, back packs, keys, briefcases and anything else your family brings in with them.

Having a mudroom — large or small — makes sure your family is ready to leave the house in the morning. Hooks, cubbies, cabinets and drawers are great options for kids (and adults) to easily hang and stow away backpacks, shoes and coats. Then they are ready and waiting to get everyone out of the house in the morning rush.

And don’t forget to include a bench seat. You’ll definitely need a place to sit down to put on shoes and boots, plus the under-seat storage will come in handy.

If you love your pets but not all the leashes, food containers and treats that can overwhelm your home, the mudroom can bring order to that chaos. Hooks are nice for hanging leashes and collars, and deep drawers can keep pet toys, extra dry food and pet shampoos out of the way. Plus you can use the mudroom as a place for wiping dirty paws before Fido goes inside.

Get the mudroom you want using custom cabinets

Garage and Basement Storage Benefit from Custom Cabinets

If you use your garage and/or basement for storage, you can keep things organized with custom cabinets.
Even if you’re active in your garage and basement every day, installing custom cabinets in these areas is a wise investment for homeowners.

Get a Hutch that Fits Your Space Using Custom Cabinets

A hutch is a serious furniture piece when it’s designed and built for your space using custom cabinetry.  A hutche can be used most anywhere in the house.

The bottom section of a hutch is closed base cabinets, or a cabinet with drawers, or a combination. The top piece can be open shelves, or glass front cabinets with interior lighting to showcase collectibles. Crown moldings and decorative toe options further create a furniture look.

Hutches built using custom cabinets

No matter how you assemble the pieces, you’ll get a beautiful and functional heirloom furniture piece with timeless appeal.

Put Our Custom Cabinet Design Services to Work for You

If you’re ready to transform your living space with custom cabinets, we’re ready to put our design services to work for you. Contact Craig Allen Designs to schedule a consultation today.