2019 Kitchen Design Trends

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What’s the busiest, most used room in your home? If you’re like many, you’ll say it’s your kitchen. A typical kitchen often acts as the center of activity in a person’s home. Your kitchen is where you feed your family and entertain your friends. It’s also where you prepare timeless dishes and try new recipes for better or worse. Your kitchen may also be the location where you help your kids with their homework, pay bills, and spend hours chatting with your loved ones on the phone.

With your kitchen handling so much traffic daily and it being used as a multi-function space, it’s likely that your kitchen design has greatly influenced other areas of your home, especially the spaces that are adjacent to it. With that in mind, it’s advisable to start with a kitchen remodel if you want to give your home a new look and feel that can permeate throughout your entire residence.


The big news in kitchens for 2019 is digitally-connected appliances. Smart refrigerators that tell you when milk is running low and automatically adds it to your digital shopping list is so 2018. For the new year, we’re on to the next generation — voice-activated appliances. Your personal assistant can help you with recipes and keeping track on diet and nutrition for your family.

You can now tell Alexa to turn on the lights, tell Google to activate the exhaust fan, instruct Siri to turn on the oven to 350 degrees and get the electric kettle heating water for your tea. When your hands are full or covered in flour, you can use your voice to turn on the faucet.

GE, and Whirlpool for example, have suites of appliances that are wifi connected and voice-activated: refrigerators, ranges and wall ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and washers and dryers.


The colors that are popular in kitchen design tend to change from year to year.  Sherwin Williams named Cavern Clay as their 2019 Color of the Year. This warm, inviting color is a great pick if you want to give your kitchen an organic look.

Along with Cavern Clay, natural colors and anything related to nature, are expected to be widely used in kitchens throughout 2019. Here are a few other colors you may want to use if you’re going to remodel your kitchen in 2019:

  • Blue
  • Dark brown
  • Gray
  • Cream

Shine is out; matte is in.  Matte cabinet and appliance finishes are becoming increasingly more popular, and as a bonus, they are easier to keep clean since fingerprints don’t show as easily.

Although nature-themed colors are getting a lot of attention for 2019, deep dark colors, like Hunter Green and Matte Black, are being used as accent pieces.

It seems there is a move away from white painted cabinets, although white remains the #1 favorite, and we see no end to this timeless color. But more homeowners are requesting natural wood finishes, particularly on an island or hutch, to break up the white-on-white and create some contrast.


Kitchen cabinetry needs to be both stylish and fully functional.  Since eliminating clutter was named as an important goal when remodeling a kitchen, you’ll like knowing that deep, wide drawers continue to trend in 2019. Dish storage systems for deep drawers can store plates and soup bowls; they are ingenious. Extra-deep drawers are more accessible than base cabinets, and they’re simple to integrate into a beautiful kitchen design. When installed near the range or cooktop, they are ideal for pots, pans and lids storage.

Another trend that will emerge in 2019 is using cut-outs as handles or having handle-less cabinets. If you’re going the cut-out route, your cut-outs can be any shape or size although most people seem to prefer round-shaped holes. For people who don’t want any kind of visible handle, long indents that run along the bottom of their cabinet doors is a smart alternative.

Using open or floating shelves instead of closed wall cabinets continues to trend.  Open shelves are great for items that you use regularly, such as the plates and glasses you use daily. Since homeowners want less clutter, and a feeling of openness, eliminating wall cabinets helps to create this feeling. It makes the kitchen feel larger.


Quartz and hardwood flooring have long been popular in kitchens, but alternate materials will be used more and more during 2019. Whether they’re used as accents or they’re a focal point, here are some of the materials you may want to incorporate into your kitchen design:

  • Marble or marble-look quartz with contrasting colors
  • Subway tiles in colors other than white. And tile extended from countertop to ceiling.
  • Concrete countertops and backsplashes

Oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware is no longer popular. Now we’re seeing the return to gold-toned or brass faucets and hardware. Copper is also an option and is in keeping with the return-to-nature trend.

Banquette Seating

Here at Craig Allen Designs, we’ve always liked banquette seating, so we’re pleased to have more people asking for banquettes. Not only do they look great, they are highly functional, providing seating and storage.  

What’s On The Way Out?

We looked at what’s trending, so what is sliding down the list of popular kitchen remodel features?

  • Pot racks. Use deep drawers instead and keep your cooking equipment dust-free. And de-clutter your kitchen.
  • Corbels and onlays. Simple and clean lines are popular now.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel finish for appliances has had a good run, but people are tired of it and are looking for alternatives. Graphite is an option.
  • Any shiny finish. As we mentioned, matte finishes are trending.  
  • Granite countertops. Quartz has replaced granite as the most requested countertop material.
  • Any stained cabinet finish with burgundy-red or orange-brown tones. These colors have been replaced by painted or natural stained finishes.
  • Anything ornate. The contemporary look calls for sleek, simple lines with little or no ornamentation.

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