6 Square delivers tremendous quality for a kitchen budget that doesn’t fit into Brighton or Hickory Creek Cabinetry lines. 6 Square is stock cabinetry with limited customization.

To help understand how they deliver value let me put value into terms of your design and selection process compared to my other cabinet lines. With Brighton and Hickory Creek Cabinetry you have almost unlimited customization-woodworking options, colors and door styles. The ability to have that flexibility comes with a cost.

Cabinetry can be delivered at a lower cost when options and customization are limited. However, that doesn’t mean years of headaches and buyer’s remorse. I have chosen 6 Square, because of their quality, options, and price.

Here are some general areas where the design process is different than when designing with a custom cabinet line. In 6 Square I can’t modify the height or width of a cabinet and cabinets come in 3” increments. Fillers are needed to make up the “fit” difference instead of ordering a custom size.

6 Square doesn’t do color matching or build custom items like a custom cabinet manufacturer. Although, in many cases I can creatively use their standard cabinets to make unique items like a hood.

This is what 6 Square offers:

Their cabinet box construction is all plywood, their drawers are dovetailed, and their door and drawer hardware is soft close.

Click to see how their cabinetry is constructed.

6 Square offers 9 paints, 6 wood species and stain combinations, and 9 different door and drawer design combinations.

Stained cabinetry doors are solid wood. Except Copenhagen which as a slab door has a medium density fiberboard core (MDF) with wood veneer front and back. Painted doors have solid wood frames with MDF cores. It is not unusual for even custom manufacturers to use MDF center panels when painting. And to have an MDF core with slab style doors, like Copenhagen, for stability.

In the case of a painted door, like a shaker style, the MDF center panel lends stability as wood expands and contracts through the seasons. And helps prevent stress cracks at the mortise and tenon joint of the door.

6 Square prices out 35-55% less than custom cabinetry. The combination of fewer finish options, wood species choices, lack of customization (more streamlined production), and finish quality all contribute to making 6 Square less expensive than custom cabinetry. In addition to a production efficiencies, because they offer less the kitchen designs are simpler and less expensive.

Click to look at 6 Squares door and color options.